Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Abigail Shea Ballerina

We are so fortunate to have a dance studio that was willing to barter for Lexi's dance lessons last year. It helped tremendously and (in the midst of all the lay off drama)took one item off of our worry list. Apparently the deal worked out so well that the owner asked if Lexi would like to take more classes. That would have been great except for the fact that Abby has been begging to go to ballet for awhile now. The owner was completely open to working a similar deal for Abby and so Abby began taking dance classes this summer.

She was so excited for the first day of class when she could dress up in the tights, leotard, skirt, and slippers. She also loved the bun and once she was all dressed she was all smiles.


When we got to the studio, she had a bit of an issue when she realized that she would not be in Lexi's class. Considering she has not necessarily been in a class environment up to this point I think she did very well. She came out to the lobby quite a few times but I think that was because the door was left open.

Anyway, here are some pics from her first class. She's the only one in black.



Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Introducing Lou's New Playmate - Smidgen o'Bailey Lewitt AKA Smidge

This past week has been hard--especially on me and Lou. After Cassi's passing, I was so busy that I really didn't have a time to stop and think about her loss for a couple of days. Stefan tried to help, but I don't know if he knew how. I don't know if there was any particular way to help without seemingly to make things a little worse.

I've been mopey and snappy. Things I would normally tolerate bothered me all of a sudden and at the strangest times something would trigger a memory of Cassi and I'd feel the lump raise in my throat and tears fill my eyes. I felt empty and really there was only one thing that would somewhat take away the void--a new puppy. I tried to convince myself that it was too soon but then I remembered a line from a show that I was watching recently that said, "How long you grieve is not an indicator of how much you loved. It's time to let go and begin to move on."

Lou was also in a funk. His appetite was a bit off and he was a bit mopey too. Stefan said that he thought that Lou may be worried he's next after giving Brandi away in December and the loss of Cassi last week. He also muttered something about Lou possibly being lonely and needing a playmate/companion. This got me thinking about a new pup and once that thought was in my mind, there was no getting rid of it.

I began searching the internet doing research. I was looking for a female, miniature dachshund or Shih Tzu mix pup that I could afford (preferably adopt or rescue). The pup must be something that would stay small because I like my dogs looking like pups forever and something that required no grooming or grooming I felt I could do on my own. Finally, I preferred that it be a light color. Well, we found Smidge online and she fit 3 out of 5 of the criteria.

I introduce to you the little pup that stole my heart, Smidgeon O'Bailey Lewitt AKA Smidge. She is a Chihuahua and Lhasa Apso mix breed born on May 17, 2009. She will never replace Cassi, but she will help to fill the empty that Cassi left behind.

Abby took to her right away on the way home and calls her "My Puppy Puppy".







And this is what happens when you take the puppy away.

We asked Lexi if she wanted to hold the puppy but she didn't. She was worried that she'd get scratched or something. She's definitely not the animal lover of my two children. She wouldn't hurt them in a million years, but she'll ignore them as though they do not exist. I don't understand it.

We made a quick pitstop at the house to drop Lou off before meeting Jen and Katelynn Taylor at McDonald's for dinner.



I couldn't just drop Smidge off when she's not familiar with what "home" is so we smuggled her into McDonald's in my purse.





After Mickey D's we had to make an emergency run to Pet Smart for the essentials. My sister knew we would be there because Mikayla was in contact by text messaging. When we got there, she gave me a Pet Smart gift card as an early birthday present. This definitely helped and Smidge got a lot of treats.


Welcome home, Smidgen o' Bailey. We love you already.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RIP Cassandra Shaianne (AKA Cassi Shai, Little Cassi, Baby Girl) 9-4-97 to 6-30-09

My Dear, Sweet Cassi Baby,

For the past 9 years you have been my best friend and confidant. You have seen me grow up from a crazy teenager to the person I am today. I can say that I wouldn't be the same if you were not a part of my life. You helped to fill the void of the loss of Max (my dog from age 4 to 19) and ease the pain of his passing.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on you. I found an ad in the AJC for your breeder in Athens, AL. I called inquiring specifically about a little black princess and was told that you were there...seemingly waiting for me to take you home to your castle. I called Melanie and she went along for the 2.5 hour drive just to see you. You were so tiny and looked like a little ball of black fluff with only a white streak on your chest and chin. I knew from the moment I saw you that we were meant to be a team.

I remember when you came home. You would bound through the grass hopping as though you were a rabbit because the grass would tickle your tummy if you walked and you would be constantly stopping to thump your leg from the tingle of it all.

I remember your Little Houdini escape antics. They started in the crate when you would scale the wire wall trying to find a void that you could slip through. You'd get all the way up in the corner and have to be helped down.

I remember taking you everywhere I went in a towel-lined, shoe box-sized basket. Everyone that knew me knew that when I was coming over so were you.

I remember your plethora of cat toys because dog toys were too big and heavy for you. Specifically, I remember the fuzz ball on the spring that you would attack with all your might. That toy was only 18" tall, but you would still have to leap to tackle that fuzz ball to the ground.

I remember how you would incessantly beg to play fetch. When someone would throw the toy one time for you, they were in for a minimum one hour stint of repeating the action because you would not give in to their fatigue. You would let them stop only when you had your fill.

I remember when we first moved into an apartment. My roommate's dog was 10 times your size and I was so worried, that I decided a joint custody agreement with my parents in which you would stay with them during the week and me on the weekends was in your best interest safety-wise.

I remember when you ran away from that apartment and went missing for 6+ hours. My heart wrenched for you and I was terrified. I called anybody I knew that I was confident you would come to to assist in the search for you. You had found your way to the adjacent neighborhood and had stole the hearts of a preacher's family who bathed you and gave you warm dog food until Melissa came knocking on their door. I was so glad you were okay.

I remember how you climbed over the dog gate that was intended to keep you in the kitchen of the apartment we had with Stefan while I was at work. I was amazed when I figured out how you were getting out but not surprised given your early climbing tendencies as a puppy.

I remember when we brought Brandi home and how not-so-thrilled you were with her or us but how quickly you adopted Brandi as your sister.

I remember you protecting Lexi when she came home from the hospital so tiny and frail. You didn't want to get too close, but you were always close by to make sure that nothing happened to her and that we knew when she needed something by circling and yelping. You were her protector.

I remember the onset of your vestibular disease 3.5 years ago. The vet didn't think you'd make it through the night, but you were a fighter and proved her wrong. I remember thinking that was the end of the dog I knew and loved. In a sense I was right. You never were the same. The fetching ceased and the enjoyment of your golden years began.

Cassi, you have been there for me through thick and thin. Always at my side. Always there to soak up my tears with her velvety fur or to prance with glee when you knew I was happy. I love you more than you would have ever known. As good as a friend you were for me, I couldn't let you live in pain and discomfort any longer. It was time for me to be a good friend to you like you had been for me. Trust me. It was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. It should have been done a year ago, but I selfishly held on. As much as I tried to prepare for this day to come, no preparation would have been enough. I hope that you are at ease now and that you are prancing at God's feet begging him to throw that ball just one more time.

I love you Cassi. You will forever be loved and missed.


Rest in Peace my canine angel.

Cassi Baby

9/4/97 - 6/30/09

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Abby AKA The Potty Training Prodigy

A week ago this past Thursday, Abby and I awoke as we normally do in the mornings. It seemed that the day would be the typical day with Lexi at school. I got up, brushed my teeth, and began to get dressed while Abby watched her kiddie shows in my bedroom. When I said it was time to go downstairs she asked, "I wear panties like yours?" Not believing my ears since she has not shown a remote interest in succumbing the potty training pressure in the past, I asked her if she wanted to not wear a diaper and wear panties instead. Now, with this question I was expecting a sudden change of mind. But not that day. Abby decided it was time to potty train and this time it would be on her terms. I followed along.

We went to her room and I took her panties out of her dresser and got her dressed for the day. I grabbed a handful of "spares" to take downstairs and followed Abby down for breakfast. It wasn't long until she waddled to me with a tell-tale stream marking her leg. I thought to myself that this was going to be equally as disastrous as our previous attempts but resigned myself to the fact that I should stick with it as long as my supply that I brought downstairs held out. So, we cleaned her up and she donned a new pair of clean, dry panties.

Another accident did occur, but it was markedly less than the previous oops. I could tell that she had started to go, felt the wetness, and stopped herself. This meant she had muscle control and I was thrilled because it was the second sign of the day that this would possibly be our last attempt at this venture (the first sign being that she initiated the process herself). As the day progressed, this same type of "oops" happened over and over but wasn't deterring us from the goal.

Three days later, the accidents were minimal, she told us every time she had to go, and we were going through less panties. She even began to wake up dry at this point too! The only real oopses she had were the dreaded #2s. Now why is it that many kids will agree to the potty being the place for #1s long before they fathom the idea that #2 should go there too? Anyway, this continued as the week grew long and I was so confident in her ability to tell me when she had to go and hold it until he could get to a restroom that I stopped having her wear pull-ups or rubber pants as insurance when we were out running errands.

Well, as of today, she has officially figured out where #2s belong. I am so excited I could scream! I swear she is a potty training prodigy and I am so happy. We still have her wear a pull up at night as an insurance policy, but she continues to stun us by waking up dry. I think that I could have quite possibly bought her last pull up. Could it be?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lexi's 1st Grade Award Day

Today was Lexi's Award Day at school. The day began very early this morning when I woke Lexi up to get ready for her big day. She chose to wear an adorable sundress and wanted her hair done in two french braids so that she could be fancy for her moment in the spotlight.

Thankfully Stefan took some time out of his workday to attend the ceremony which thrilled Lexi to pieces and I was able to get my mom to sit for Abby so I could go and not be distracted. The ceremony began with a slide show of some goofy pictures from their field day followed by a slide show that displayed slides for each student with a written story of what they will do in the Spring and a picture of them next to their story. Each student was given the opportunity to read their story, talk about it, or have Ms. Glenn read it for them. When it was Lexi's turn, she chose to have Ms. Glenn read it. That wasn't too surprising.


After the slide show, Ms. Glenn gave 1st Grade Participation Awards to each student for completing the school year. Then she gave out Certificates of Excellence to students in specific content areas. The recipients were chosen based on their performance whether it was high scores or improvement over the course of the year. Lexi received a Certificate of Excellence in Language Arts. Upon giving Lexi her award, Ms. Glenn bragged about Lexi's story writing abilities and how Lexi's stories always made her laugh.


More awards were then doled out for highest AR scores and Citizenship Awards.

Finally, Ms. Glenn gave out what she called Candy Bar Awards. These awards, she explained, were an attempt to match each student with a well-known candy bar. For example, the three inseparable boys in the class were given 3 Musketeers. Lexi received a package of Skittles. Ms. Glenn explained that this is because Lexi has such a colorful personality that comes out in her writing.




You know, it's funny. In kindergarten Lexi got the award for Best Author...

...Is there a pattern forming here?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Abby is 3!

Yesterday, Abby turned 3. It's so hard to believe that already three years have passed since I wobbled into Northside Hospital to have her. Three years have passed since I was fighting nurses for a taste of jello post-op. And three years have passed since she stole a piece of my heart.

Since her birthday fell on Mother's Day this year, we decided to have her party at the house on Saturday so her party wouldn't interrupt anybody's Mother's Day plans. The whole family was here as well as her best friend, Katelynn, and her buddy, Mikey. We conversed and the kids played while people chowed on the food. On the menu was White Trash dip (don't knock it until you try it), PB & J sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadilla wedges, a veggie tray, and fruit salad. The food quantity was perfect because only crumbs were left. She opened her presents next and made off with a bunch of cool new gadgets and gizmos. After presents, we served cake. She was thrilled to have all eyes on her as everyone sang Happy Birthday accompanied by Mikayla playing the flute.

Later on, Katelynn rejoined us for a sleepover---Abby's first ever attempt at a slumber party. I know these girls are a bit young for this, but there is a very good reason we did this. Katelynn's parents, Jen and Taylor, don't have any local family that can relieve them for a night so that they can go out on the town without worrying about being home by a certain time or paying a sitter. Let's say that they did stay out late and pay a sitter, then they would have to be worried about what time Katelynn would decide to awake in the morning. Given Sunday was Abby's actual birthday AND Mother's Day AND Jen's birthday to boot, we decided to do this for Abby and Katelynn and the Taylors.

Unfortunately, the sleepover did not go as planned. Everything was fine...until bedtime. Stefan and I went to lay Katelynn and Abby down because they were both very sleepy. We realized shortly into this venture that Katelynn was missing Pink--her Tags blankey. Stefan went to her house to retrieve the trusted companion, but returned with an imposter. He returned with Blue--Pink's cousin, but not Pink. Besides the realization that Pink was nowhere to be found, we also realized that there was no way that Abby would ever go to sleep knowing that Katelynn was in the room with her so I took Katelynn to our room while Stefan remained with Abby. The plan was to get them to fall asleep separately and then move Katelynn back to Abby's room for the night. It did not work out that way.

Katelynn, who had been properly prepped by her mommy to know that she was going to be staying the night away, did not realize what this entailed until it was time for lights out. She refused to go to sleep. She did not fuss or cause a big ruckus...she just refused to fall asleep and she wanted to be comforted...not by just anyone...but by me (since mommy wasn't there). By comforted, I mean that she required constant contact which meant that (in all reality) I would not be able to move. It wasn't so bad until I realized that this would continue all night. This is a claustrophobic's nightmare!

Since Lexi was still awake, I figured I'd ask Katelynn if she wanted to sleep with Lexi. She said yes so I gathered all of her comfort items (except for Pink, of course) and made her a bed in Lexi's room. All looked good. She seemed happy and Lexi was being quite the source of comfort...until the moment I turned the lights out and attempted my exit. I guess Katelynn again realized that she would be staying with us and freaked. So, I returned to our room with Katelynn and her armload of comfort items (except Pink) to once again attempt to get her to go to sleep.

Finally, there came a point when she was visibly tired beyond belief. I'd ask her, "Katelynn, aren't you sleepy?" She'd quietly (and pathetically) nod.

"So why don't you let yourself fall asleep?" I'd ask. Fear would flood her eyes as though the world would cease to exist if she allowed her eyes to close as she would shake her head emphatically 'no'.

At this point, we realized that we were fighting a losing battle. Her parents called to check in on their way home from their date to the ballet and, when we told them what was going on, they agreed that Katelynn needed to go home to her own bed.

Oh well, it was worth a try. We'll definitely try again soon...only next time we'll make sure we have Pink who, by the way, was on the floor of her mommy's car the entire time.













Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday Night Fever

For six years we have relied on family to assist with childcare while I've been on the quest for a higher education. Recently, an opportunity presented itself for me and Stefan to pay it forward and do a similar favor for some friends of ours.

The Taylors have been our neighbors for 8 (although that is so hard to believe) years. We love them to death and they have an adorable daughter Abby's age named Katelynn. The Taylors have decided to simplify their financial lives by taking part in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at a local church. This meant that they needed a sitter and we gladly offered to assist. Since we couldn't pay back our parents this was the best way we could think of to give back.

Katelynn and Abby have so much fun and are Best Friends Forever. They are adorable to watch together and we have as much fun watching them play together as they do playing. A few weeks ago I realized these cuties love to watch people dance. It just so happens that "Dancing With the Stars" is on Monday nights. The girls twirl and hop and spin and bounce to the beat while trying to emulate the dancers on TV. This week I caught it on tape.

The next pair danced to the song, "We Got the Beat". After dancing through the song Katelynn was singing, "I got beeps!" Too cute.

After all the dancing, Abby decided it was time to practice her back handsprings off of the couch. Katelynn attempted to copy but was only able to lay back, watch, and cheer Abby on.

Needless to say it is soooooo easy to get Abby to go to bed on Mondays. Yay for that!

Wrapping Up School Business

Is it an ending or a new beginning?

Although I won't be graduating until December, this semester seems somewhat like the end for me. It's not too far off the mark to say so. Tomorrow marks my last day as a class-attending student at Kennesaw.

After tomorrow, my on-campus parking privileges will be no more and with that go the parking fees that I must pay (and many other junk fees that have been a thorn in my backside for the last six years). Good riddance!

After tomorrow, I will have my first summer off in a long time which is preparing me for what it will be like in my professional role.

After tomorrow, I will begin the final phase of my transformation from student-to-teacher and I am so STOKED!!!!!

To celebrate, I may just go ahead and pick up a Kennesaw State Alumni window sticker so I can slap that puppy on my window my last day of student teaching in December and not have to make a special trek to campus to purchase one.

Decline This!

Almost a week ago, I got my petition to graduate back from the Registrar. What did it say? That I needed 4 classes other than what I am taking and student teaching in order to graduate in December. One of the classes Mr. Registrar said I needed was one I took in the Summer of 2005 and I received an A. The other classes are classes that ended up replacing ones that I already took. Can you say substitution?

I got that mess all straightened out but the whole ordeal was a blessing in disguise. In dealing with the mess, I realized that Mr. Registrar had overlooked where I had written in my minor on the form. Apparently, there is a formal minor form that I did not know about. Thankfully, I realized the error before it was too late. Whew!

I Passed!
A month ago I took the Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) test for Middle School Math. This was the first of 3 exams that I will be taking as I'm scheduled for the Language Arts and Reading exams on August 22nd. I've been patiently awaiting my scores and finally got the unofficial results via email on Monday that I PASSED!!! Did you read that correctly? Oh yes you did! I am certified to teach Math to adolescents in the state of Georgia. Woohooo!!!!

What's next?

At this point, I am anxiously awaiting word as to where I will be student teaching. I'm on pins and needles. I strategically selected my preferred schools as ones that have high turnover and instability with the hopes that I will be there to hear when a job opportunity opens up and I can be one of the first to apply. We'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dear Mr. Registrar,

Dear Mr. Registrar,

Today, April Fools Day, I submitted my petition to graduate Fall semester of 2009. This was not a joke and I do hope that you take my petition seriously. I've worked extremely hard toward this over the last 6 years and hope that you will see that effort reflected in my transcripts.


Kaiti Lewitt

April Fools

Lexi was looking forward to April Fools Day justifying her excitement with the explanation that it is the funniest day of the year. I came home from school today to the usual frantic tellings of the day's events from both Lexi and Abby. Before I got too settled in Stefan told Lexi that he thought I might want some cereal. Lexi came over with a smile on her face like the cat who ate the mouse and asked if I wanted some cereal. Confused, I looked at Stefan for the answer I was expected to give. He nodded yes so I told Lexi that yes indeed I would like some cereal. She asked me which cereal I would like and I told her Frosted Flakes. I was instructed to take down the box and look inside by Lexi whose voice was swelling with excitement only to find that the twirp had switched the bags inside the boxes so Fruity Pebbles were in the Frosted Flakes box and vice versa. "April Fools!!!!" she screamed. She was obviously pleased with herself.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Transition Time

It is a time of transitions here in the Lewitt household. Much to Lexi's disdain she has had to remain in a high back booster seat with a five point harness even at the age of 7 due to her weight being so low. She would moan and groan and say that such seats are for babies and I would tell her that she had to weigh 45 pounds before she could sit in anything else. Yes, I am aware that booster base seats are made for children from 30+ pounds depending on the manufacturer, but I wanted her to be consistently above 40 pounds (since her weight fluctuates by 4 pounds depending on eating and potty matters) before I would consider upgrading her. Finally, her weight has been consistently above 40 pounds, so she and I went and got her a new seat today. She is thrilled and says that it feels funny to only use the seat belt like Mommy and Daddy use.

Abby, on the other hand, is transitioning in different ways. For the last week and a half she has been open to the idea of doing her potty business on the potty in lieu of her pull ups. To date, she still will only go if it is upon someone else's suggestion or if her pull up is so over-saturated that she feels it is time for a change. We've had minimal success with #2s because she prefers to sneak off to a corner or hide under a table to do her business in her pull up. Today, she started to sneak off and Stefan rushed her to the potty where she did do her business where it the potty. We were excited and so was she.

So hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the diaper phase for Abby and no more of this...

Keeping our fingers crossed.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Abby is a Diva

State's Evidence: Exhibit 1

Saturday was my nephew's birthday party. Stefan was already at my sister and bro-in-law's house helping to lay hardwood floor, so my duty was to get myself and the girls ready and meet them all at the Stevi B's in Cartersville by 3. All was going as planned until Abby decided to be a diva. With the weather being incredibly nice, I had picked out an outfit with pink capris and a short-sleeved shirt with a butterfly on it. She did not want to wear the outfit and insisted on heavy jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. I told her it was too warm for such clothing, but she did not want to hear it. At this point a simple debate became a battle of wills.

I tried to put the shirt on and, as soon as I could get one arm in the sleeve and move on to the next, she'd have the first arm pulled back out! I was frustrated with her. She was frustrated with me and this whole routine continued until 2:20 when I finally won. Now we were going to be pressed for time to get to the party. I got the girls loaded in the car and pulled out of the driveway with a now pacified Abby quietly watching Harold and the Purple Crayon in the backseat when I looked down at the dashboard and saw the gas light was on.

We eventually got to the party...a little late, Abby in her outfit that I picked out, and me with barely a voice to mention because I was having to yell over her screams throughout the tantrum. Fun times!

State's Evidence: Exhibit 2

Since being sick with the flu, Abby is obsessed with wearing pajamas. Every day she will get dressed and change into her pajamas a minimum of 3 times. The majority of the time at home is now spent in her "jammas" only wearing clothes if she knows we're going outside or somewhere. It's gotten to the point that I just keep her pajamas in a heap in the corner of the living room for the better part of a week before I consider them dirty because each time she changes into her "jammas" she puts on a different pair.

Anyway, last night Stefan gave the girls a bath while I folded laundry. I retrieved a pair of warm weather pajamas for Abby since a) her repertoire of "jammas" were all being washed in the same load (lesson learned here, and b) all of said "jammas" were heavy, winter flannel pajamas and the thermostat in our house is set at 77 balmy degrees during the warmer weather so I thought she'd be more comfortable. She did not like these "jammas" and wanted one of her favorites. Problem was that all her favorites were in the same load of laundry tumbling in the Whirlpool. She did not accept this as an answer and her tantrum began.

Stefan put her in time out and the screaming continued for quite sometime. She'd been there for awhile and would have been able to liberate herself if she'd just put on the perfectly fine pajamas that Mama had picked out. But instead, she screamed and cried wearing nothing but her diaper and her tears. Finally, after listening to the screaming long enough I told her she could wear the pajamas I picked out or go to bed naked in her diaper.

She chose naked in her diaper.

Monday, March 09, 2009


I had to go finish the application process to become a substitute teacher with the county this morning. When I returned, I was checking email and facebook while sitting on the couch. The dogs were outside and Abby was sitting next to me on the couch. Lou started barking and I asked Abby to let him in. She looked at me with a deadpan expression on her face and said, "No, it's your turn." I chuckled, set the laptop on the other side of me and began to get up when Abby decided it was her turn after all. Figures.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Everybody Wants Their Fifteen Minutes

As stated in my last post, there was a situation on campus at KSU on Tuesday. Whenever I see a situation like this that has gained so much media attention, I wonder when the copycats will come out of the woodwork. And by copycats, I mean the teenagers that just want their fifteen minutes in the spotlight regardless of the consequences. This time around it only took two days.

I was on my way to drop Abby off at my in-law's house before going to school on Thursday morning, when I was passed by an unmarked black Chevy Tahoe with sirens and police lights. When the vehicle seemingly disappeared, I thought it was just some detective trying to get through traffic. Later I found out that two students at a local high school had been arrested for having a gun with the intent to do harm (probably where the officer was headed). Further searches of the students' homes revealed rifles and ammunition but no tangible plan that the students planned to carry out. Perhaps with the escape of the inmate at KSU, these students just wanted to step out into the media spotlight before they had anything finalized. Who knows?

What I do know is that Thursday morning was a terrifying day for students at the high school in question, the neighboring middle school, and the high school down the street. They were all put on lockdown and, as with typical adolescents, the rumors began to swirl. To be clear, no one was harmed, the guns were not used, and the students in question were apprehended off of their bus before school started thanks to a tip to a local law enforcement agency. Thank God!

I could sit here and talk about all the hypothetical scenarios that could have happened that day were it not that the students were intercepted. Instead, I am thankful for the quick actions of law enforcement, the responsible citizen that called in the tip, and the teachers and faculty of the schools for their patience in managing the school populations during the lockdown while they were probably inwardly just as terrified as the students they were trying to manage. This incident happened about 10 miles from home in the district I plan to teach. Two of my friends from school are student teaching at one of the schools that was locked down. I am just so thankful that no one was hurt.

As for the students allegedly involved in this incident, I hope that they will be dealt with accordingly and offered the help and counsel they need. As for their parents, I hope that they also receive some form of help. I cannot imagine how I would feel if I found out that one of my girls was involved in something like this. It's got to be a terrible time for them.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Bit Too Close to Home

Yesterday, my home phone and my cell phone were ringing off the hook due to calls, voice mails, and text messages from Kennesaw State's automated alert system that there was an escaped prisoner that was tracked to our campus. Fortunately, I was already home from my morning classes; however, I am a bit concerned. News reporters on campus were doing there stories with students milling about in the background as the campus was on supposed lock down. I've read many comments on news stories online of some students not being notified at all to the point that they were allowed to go to the parking deck that the inmate had been tracked through because they were not aware of any "situation" going on at the time. Seriously?

Anyway, three hours after the initial warning was sent out, the University lifted the lock down but had canceled classes for the rest of the evening saying that they had conducted a "thorough search". Thorough my behind! A thorough search of the University would have taken all night and probably most of today. Do you know how many classrooms and offices there are at KSU? A lot!

How can they be sure that this guy isn't lurking somewhere until we're lulled into a false sense of security to assume that he has left the campus? I mean really, a college campus is an easy place for a thirtysomething male to "blend in". It is my understanding that, since he was a prisoner that was being transported across state lines, that he would not have a weapon, but that is not to say that he hasn't obtained one since! I pray for the safety of all at KSU. I pray that no one became a victim of his selfish urge to escape. And I pray that they catch this bastard so we can get the thoughts out of our minds that he could still be somewhere on campus.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Week of Quarantine

For the past week, at least one person in the house has been stricken by the flu. Not the kind that has you sick to your stomach racing to the bathroom for one reason or another, just the cold-type flu that gets a grip on you and doesn't let go. It started with Abby on Wednesday night with a very low-grade fever. I took her to the pediatrician and they said it's the flu after which he gave me a lecture about not getting her a flu shot this year. Now, before you admonish me in the same way...every single time I've tried to get the girls flu shots there, they've been of the age that you have to have a two-shot series. The pediatrician would always have the shot available for the first round but never had it in stock for the second which rendered the first one completely useless. Anyway, the lecture ensued and finally, after making me feel like I'd just one the blue ribbon for Worst Mom of the Year, he said that this year it wouldn't have made much of a difference because he has seen a lot of cases of the flu in kids that had the shot. Mission complete, sir, you made me feel like a pile of dog doo for nothing. Thanks!

Anyway, Abby's illness progressed to high fevers, clingy attitude (which, if you know Abby, is pretty atypical), a cough, and something going on with her throat that made her sound like a goose when she spoke. She went an entire week without wearing clothes, she would just change from her pajamas into new ones. But, and I know this may sound bad, but given her independent nature, it was kind of nice to see her vulnerable.

I came down with it the day after Abby, but had pretty much recovered after 3-4 days. Maybe my quick recovery had something to do with the fact that I never spiked a fever. I'm not complaining, though. Just as I was getting better, Stefan started spiking fevers and her is just now starting to feel better after a week-long stint like Abby.

What about Lexi, you ask? She remains unaffected to this day. She's probably the carrier monkey that brought it home from school. Figures!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Creeping Crud

Two nights ago, I detected Abby had a fever. It was only 99.6, but we gave her Tylenol and sent her to bed a little bit early. That night she woke up in the middle of the night and joined Stefan and me in bed seemingly not feeling well. In the morning the fever was still there, but I had a midterm so I had to go to school. When I returned home, she was down for a nap. An hour or so later, she woke up with a 103.6 fever. I called the doc and they were able to get her in immediately.

Well, it turns out that she has a case of the flu. The doctor (who was not her normal doctor) then gave me a lecture because she had not had her flu shot. I explained that every time she has gotten a flu shot there, the nurses tell me that it's a two-shot series. She gets the first shot, but when I try to get the second they are out. The doctor continued to make me feel like this year's recipient of The Worst Mom of the Year award and then goes on to say that this year it probably would've done no good because he's seen a lot of cases of the flu even if the kids had shots! What was the point of the lecture, then?

So, apparently we need to just wait it out and make sure that she's well-hydrated.
She's such a cute little patient. She's so helpless, yet so sweet. She wants to mostly cuddle and feel taken care of. Last night, she coughed herself awake at 9 and came down stairs. She asked for juice but fell asleep in Daddy's arms before she ever took a sip.



Later, she insisted that she slept in our bed again. Every time she'd cough, she'd tell us her mouth hurt...all night long. It was not a very restful night of sleep for me, but Stefan slept through it all.

In the meantime, I've come done with what I hope is only a cold. Runny nose, dry cough, and aches...oh MY!!!